About Us


Sun Yang Optics is a custom LENS design company that specializes in providing total solutions in 4K and higher end LENS.

Our products and services cover a range of projection lenses, security lenses, automotive lenses, life science lenses, medical and dental microscopes, other special lens and LENS OEM & ODM.

Our approach to success is:

1) first listening to our customers,
2) coauthoring options to solving complex optical problems with customers, and
3) committing ourselves to:

a) inventive design techniques,
b) the precision at which product is assembled, and
c) the efficiency in which projects move through our functional divisions.

With diverse expertise and decades of experience, our solution team is committed to excelling at all phases of engineering from project definition, feasibility, optical & mechanical design, manufacturing, and testing. We have been able to help top rated customers accelerate their LENS development from ideas to launch and save time, energy, and resource


With nearly 40 years of professional cold processing experience in glass components, we are one of the top 3 manufacturer of lens elements.

From lens grinding, product assembly, and complete testing, we have more than 1,200 sets of the most complete optical production and testing equipment, and have passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification. They are the most trusted brands. Optical partners.

In addition to 50,000,000 sets annual len element output, our lens assembly factory covers an area of 18,000 square meters with 1,000,000 unit of output capacity.


Our expertise

Our expertise that sets Sun Yang Optics apart from others are consolidated knowledge and years of hand-ons of optical and mechanical integration, thermal analysis, ghost analysis, and yield-rate-vs-tolerance analysis. This expertise results in total reduction of design cycles, material scraps, resource, and production yield so our customers will be assured they will get the best investment return of the dollars they spend on LENS outsourcing.

Optical Design


Ghost Analysis

Thermal Drift Analysis