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Custom made and order processing

In addition to being an expert in high end projector lenses, Sun Yang Optics has also successfully provided customized optical solutions for customers in medical imaging, automotive lenses, outdoor surveillance, industrial lenses and other industries. We work with customers to create the perfect custom optical solution, handling design, prototyping and production based on their specific application needs. No matter you need prototyping , proof of concept, or mass production of optical components, Sun Optics is committed to providing best solutions to meet your needs.

As one of the global leader of 4K and above high-resolution diverse-environmental-ready glass lenses design and manufacturer, we welcome your inquiries and look for the opportunity to deliver your next state-of-the-art custom LENS. Once project being initiated, you can review how well the services we perform wherever you are and whenever you are . You can check your stages of development and processes and will be able to request online optical designs collaboration. Send us your request and let the journey begin.

Our Strength

We are a customer centric and project oriented team. We listen, communicate, plan, and act. We first design your custom optical lens or component in Zemax, AutoCAD or other design software. Through computer simulation prototyping and years of practical experience, we can optimize your lenses for mass production and high yield production. Once design is fixed, the he MES system is imported into the factory to control all production data to ensure that all stages of production are controlled. After the completion of manufacturing, your optical components will undergo strict quality inspection, precision measurement, spectrum analysis, performance validation, and ongoing reliability tests to ensure quality of your product.

How to order an optical lens or request a custom LENS design review

There are as many off-the-shelf LENS configured to a variety of option of applications. Simply provide us with some application background, users scenarios, and product specifications and some notes of any special requirements. We then could make recommendations of which LENS or LENSES fit into your requirements.

Or you can contact us directly by phone, online form or email, and help walk you through the ordering process. >> Contact Us.

How to request a quote

You can easily do this by doing the following steps:
> Link to our online request form RFQ.
> Enter your contact information including your company, full name, email and country.
> Specify project budget and specifications.
> Provide estimated required quantity for each product.
> Email design draft or other related documents.


After submitting the RFQ application form, we will review the specifications of your project and contact you within a short period of time, and reply to you with a quote.